Can of Worms



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Can of Worms SA

Musical Collective based in South Africa

All new Can of Worms SA! Our recent re-launch is being received with huge excitement and an overwhelmingly positive response to the new sound. We channel our creative attention into writing and performing new music that reflects the mix of cultures, inspirations and experiences that resonate with each band member. Original tunes burst with creativity that draws from genres such as Afro-pop and jazz, classical, dub and progressive rock. 

Our soundscape encompasses a diverse list of styles owing to the collaborative process that the group enjoys. These include World, Adult Contemporary, Afro-Pop, Reggae, Dub, Electronic and Soul. Songs feature lyrics in both English and Shona—the native tongue of Zimbabwean born lead singer Chido Nyamande—whose sassy, soulful vocals feed off the energy of the band during live performances. Several of the group are multi-instrumentalists which leads to an exciting and varied performance. 

Tribal Drum


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